Our dedication is synonymous with knowledge.

Each project is a challenge that we tackle head on. Our pride is measured in the energy we put into our work and how the results speak louder than any words.

Here are concrete examples of our expertise across the board.

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HYDRO-QUÉBEC – Duvernay Station

HYDRO-QUÉBEC – Montmagny Station

McGill University – Ferrier-Chaudière Building

City of Montréal – Structural and architectural works J. R. Marcotte station disinfection project

HYDRO-QUÉBEC – Carignans, Les Boules, LG-e & Radisson Stations

HYDRO-QUÉBEC – Des Irlandais & related stations

Laval University – Gérard-Bisaillon Pavilion

UQAM – Replacement of CB roof switch (chemistry/biochemistry)

SQI – Fleurimont Hospital

Montreal Port Authority (MPA) – Substations 6 and Viterra

CISSS DES LAURENTIDES – Mont-Laurier hospital

Montreal Transport Company (STM) – Poste Legendre

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