Montreal Port Authority (MPA) – Substations 6 and Viterra

Installation of a new substation, used to increase the capacity of the 15 KV overhead network of the Port of Montreal. Substation #5 had to be moved to this new building that is substation #6. Medium and low voltage mass works, aerial connection, control, communication and low voltage works. Following this work, we had the mandate to convert the Viterra building, in order to modernize the facilities; a 15 KV, 2.4KV and 600V substation. In addition to building electrical work, massive, communication and control, all by having. We had to be ingenious, in order to overcome a supply problem, by modifying the work, proposing temporary installations, and redoing the final arrangement, in order to succeed in carrying out the maximum amount of work within the work window. provided for in the contract. According to the purpose of this project, Viterra's facilities are now powered, with redundancy, via the network of the Port of Montreal, which now has the electrical capacity to accommodate it.



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